One of the things you have to get right when traveling or going on holiday is the hotel where you will stay. The best choice for someone who loves comfort is going into a family run/ boutique shop. You must be wondering what makes boutique hotels different from ordinary hotels. Some of the things you should expect from a boutique hotel include:


Boutique hotels are often found in urban and chic places. Ideally, they are always in upmarket places but not so far from the city center. You are likely to find one in resort areas but tucked away from the traffic of other tourists.

Personalized services

What sets English family run/boutique hotels aside is that you will get personalized services. The waiters will know your name, your special needs will be taken care of, and they will engage you in conversation if you want to.


These hotels are relatively small, and you rarely get one that has more than 100 rooms. The essence is to have a private place that does not feel crowded for guests who just want to enjoy time away from noise.


Since these hotels are run by families, you are not likely to get a chain or franchise. Every one of them will have a unique story, design or history. Even if one family owns more than one group of hotels, you will still find some sense of individuality in each one that you visit.

They have character

Boutique hotels always have a sense of character that makes them even more interesting. It could be the painting in the wall, the carpets on the floor, or how they have chosen the drapes. Whatever it is, you will get something different.

Hip clientele

Since these hotels always come with distinct character, it follows that it will attract trendy and hip people.