One of the most asked question online when it comes to going on holiday is the difference between staying in a family owned hotel compared to chain hotels. Once you visit a chain hotel, you will appreciate why serious travelers opt for boutique hotels. Some of the things to expect in family owned hotels that you will not find in chain hotels include:

Home made food

Chain hotels boast of having top chefs and gourmet food. The reality is since the food is often made for a large group, it loses the real taste that comes with cooking for a smaller and intimate group. Family owned hotels always focus on making delicious home made meals.

Convenient services

Since most family owned hotels are smaller, you do not have to worry about waiting for long to have people attend to you. The population is often generally smaller so services tend to be faster compared to chain hotels.

Peaceful locations

The reason most people go on holiday is because they want to experience tranquility and peace. Boutique hotels are often located away from busy town centers so you can be sure of waking up to a peaceful space.

You can choose what suits your personality

Unlike chain hotels that are uniform when it comes to when and how they provide their services, boutique hotels provide an array of possibilities on what you can do. You can customize your experience and even choose times and locations where you will have your meals. Most chain hotels do not provide you with that.

Personalized services

Just like the name suggests, family hotels will treat you like family. In fact, some of them will even regale you with tales of how the business started. They also make an effort to know your likes and dislikes so that they give you the best services.