When you visit an English family run hotel, there are some unique things that you will experience that you may never see anywhere else. Do not make such experiences slide away. Ensure that you enjoy yourself to the fullest. Some of the things you should do when visiting a family run hotel include:

Experiment with food

English family run hotels will provide you with home made foods, and some have unique ingredients that may be new to your palate. Do not be afraid of trying out different foods. Step away from the normal and let the hotel thrill you with what they have on the menu.

Ask questions

Boutique hotels always have a rich history on how it was founded, the people behind it, and the idea behind the establishment. Do not be shy about asking questions for you to get a better understanding.

Record your experience

The beauty of going on holiday is having memories that you will enjoy later in life. Go with a notebook, camera or recorder and spend a few minutes of your stay capturing the moments. If you see nice decors, like the ones that are often used in English run family hotels, capture them. Just make sure you do not get too immersed in capturing moments that you forget to enjoy your holiday.

Ask for loyalty cards or discounts

Since these hotels are relatively smaller compared to chain hotels, it is easier to get hold of management and ask for loyalty cards and discounts. You will be surprised to learn that most of the hotels can give interesting deals and discounts when you inquire.

Focus on the little details

English family run hotels are always very particular in the little details that make up the hotel. It can be in the paintings on the wall, the carpeting, the bedding or even the plates that they use. Savor the details.