Have you ever seen the tv series Fawlty Towers, starring John Cleese? The inspiration for the quirky family-run hotel is said to come from a hotel in Torquay, although the characters have been exaggerated in the tv series.

Torquay is lovely situated in Devon in the south west part of England, on the shore of the Atlantic. The many miles of sandy beaches has rendered the area the nickname of the English Riviera. Plenty of tourists visit the city every year to enjoy swimming in the ocean and relaxing in the picturesque surroundings.

Agatha Christie

For those with an interest in literature, Torquay holds another highlight. The famous British writer of crime fiction, Agatha Christie, was born in Torquay and lived there during her first years. This is commemorated by the Agatha Christie Mile, a tour around the city with plaques pointing out important places, and informing about the writer’s life and work.

In the middle of September every year, the Agatha Christie festival is held. At the festival, there are numerous plays, workshops, literary talks and performances all over the city. Some of them are outdoors, giving an extra ambiance to the set. In 2020, the dates to save is September 15 to 20, when the festival is set to take place.

Enjoy the Water

Most people visiting Torquay come to enjoy the beaches and the mild climate. But even if you are looking for a more active holiday, Torquay is a good choice. Naturally, there are plenty of opportunities for water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding and boat trips.

Torquay is also a famous sailing harbour, so do not miss signing up for a boat trip. During the summer, there is a lot of boat spotting to be done, as the harbour fills up with yachts and sailing boats of all sizes.

Eating And Drinking

With the location on the coast, the cuisine in Torquay naturally tends towards fish and seafood. There are numerous restaurants and bars in the city, and the fish is delivered there daily from the fish market in Brixton.

The marine life in and around the Tor Bay has a large variety with more than 40 different species. Among them you will find Dover sole, hake, lobster and Brixham crab.