England is one of the places with interesting touristic attractions. If you are going on holiday, you should not fail to visit English resort towns. Some of the best Coastal resort towns that you should not fail to visit include:

Brighton in Sussex

Brighton might not have the sand that most beaches boast of, but it is still ranked one of the most amazing resorts to visit. The winding lanes, exotic clubs and the huge pride parade in August makes this town one of the best places to be.

Whitby in Yorkshire

The donkey rides, amusement parks, and the delicious fish and chips served in the many joints that make up Whitby town are some of the reasons you should not skip this resort town when booking your travel. The 19th Century book Dracula draws its inspiration from this town. Twice every year, Yorkshire celebrates Dracula by dressing in Gothic attire and it is always a site to behold.

Salcombe in Devon

Scientists document that hanging out by the sea can help with depression and anxiety. Salcombe town provides you with the peaceful waters and views of the sea. You can go for boat rides and later come back by the sea and collect sea shells and eat sea foods that are deliciously made by the natives.

St. Ives in Cornwall

The blue waters, white sands against the lush vegetation in St. Ives makes it the perfect holiday destination especially for honeymooners are those who want to relax and connect with nature. Due to the perfect scenery at St.Ives, most artists always go and sit by the beach to create images.

Waymouth in Dorset

If you are looking for a resort that has a lovely marine atmosphere, then Waymouth is the place to be. In 2012, it hosted the water sail Olympics after it was recognized as one of the greatest places to hold waterborne sports.