The most popular seaside resort in Cornwall is St Ives. And rightly so, we might add. The town has everything you would request from a perfect holiday location. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, beaches and pubs. And beautiful scenery in addition to that.

There are four sandy beaches in St Ives, the longest one is Porthminster. Porthmeor is the perfect choice for any surfer or for someone who is fond of watersports in general. Harbour is right by the working port and Porthgwidden is a small cove. The two last ones are not as beautiful as they are located in the harbour. On the other hand, they are sheltered by the very same harbour, and either of them is a good choice on windier days.

Good Accommodation

As the town has a large tourist industry, it is easy to find accommodation. However, being a very popular resort, the prices tend to be on the steep side. Especially so if you want to stay in the middle of the town, down by the harbour. Book your lodging as soon as you have settled on dates for your trip, the earlier the better.

There are all kinds of hotels and B&B in St Ives. What you settle for depends on your wallet and your preferred taste. Luxury hotels can be found, and is a lovely choice if you have the budget for it. Otherwise, a simpler hotel may be the right choice for you.

Enjoy the Scenery

Even though St Ives offers plenty of sunbathing and bathing opportunities, the town and the surrounding area should not be missed. St ives town is as picturesque as they come, with lovely quaint houses and gardens looking like they are in another country altogether. Allow yourself some time to take strolls around the town to enjoy it fully. But be prepared for a lot of stairs, as the town is located in a very hilly area.

On the top of an island in Mount’s Bay, St Michael’s Mount is found. The castle at the top of the island offers lovely views of the surrounding area, and is well worth the effort of getting there. Going to the island is spectacular, as it can only be reached by foot at low tides.

Should you be more of an adventurer, there is also a longer walk of 12 miles known as St Michael’s Way. It ends at St Michael’s mount after climbing some hills and walking through farmland on the mainland. St Michael’s Way is thought to have been a pilgrimage walk for missionaries from Ireland and Wales.