Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is the home of “hygge”. The Danish word translates to “fun”, but encompasses much more than that. It also entails coziness, friendliness and generally having a good time. And that’s why “hygge” is a perfect description of a visit to Copenhagen.

Kastrup, the Copenhagen airport, is situated almost in the city. Trains from the airport to the Central station runs several times an hour, and the trips takes about 15 minutes. So buy plane tickets and book a room at a lovely hotel in Copenhagen, and you are about to experience a friendly and fun capital.

What To See

If it is your first trip to Copenhagen, there are a few things that you really must see. Naturally, there are plenty more than the ones we mention, but for a first visit, the sights below are a good choice. “Den lille havefrue” (The little mermaid). This is an epic sight in Copenhagen, and the mermaid has been sitting on the rock at Langelinie since 1913 and the bonze statue was created by Edvard Eriksen, and his wife was the model. Glyptoteket. This museum covers the global history of art from ancient Egypt via ancient Greek and Rome up until the modern day sculptures and paintings. The building housing the exhibitions is lovely, and it is well worth spending a day there. Tivoli.The central amusement park is more than the merry-go-rounds. It is a nice park with lots of small havens proving rest for tired feet. And, of course, the tree roller coaster is a must for all children and inner children. Ströget. This is the big and famous shopping street of Copenhagen. It takes you from Raadhuspladsen to Nyhavn.

What To Eat

…and once you’re in Nyhavn, you should try one of the many restaurants there. Have a beer and a couple of “smørrebrød”, open sandwiches that are more of a meal than just a sandwich. Some of the smørrebrød are well-known enough to have their own names, such as the Vet’s Night Sandwich.

The red hot dogs is also something that you should try while in Copenhagen. They come with a bun on the side, and a serving of ketchup and mustard. But do beware, the mustard is STRONG, and may bring tears to your eyes.

Even if it’s not actually food, you must try the local beer. Carlsberg is famous all over the world, and this is the home of it. With the current trend of micro breweries, there are many more brands to choose from, for example Mikkeller and Twoøl.