If you are looking for a city holiday that will still let you experience fascinating and varied nature, Copenhagen is your perfect destination. Once you arrive in the city, you’ll find that the preferred means of transportation among the natives is the bike. Therefore, Copenhagen will provide you with a lovely combination of city life, exercise and nature, all in a day’s work. Book your stay at a lovely hotel in Copenhagen, and remember to pack both evening wear and cycling gear. Bikes are available for hire, so need to bring your own.

Some people are a bit hesitant about driving in foreign countries, but should you be worried about riding a bike in Copenhagen? Most certainly not, we say. In Copenhagen, rumour has it that there are more bikes than cars. With so many cyclists, the city has been adjusted to the biking people. That means that you are in for a treat if you are used to riding your bike at the hard shoulder, with cars running by at high speed. In Copenhagen, there are bike lanes and even bike bridges with only cyclists allowed.

And don’t worry about bringing your kids, even if they are small. In Copenhagen you will easily find bikes with a kids’ compartment, much like a SUV. Naturally, they also provide ample space for any picnic.

Amager Beach Park

Ok, so you can ride a bike in Copenhagen. But where should you go? We propose that you head for the many parks and recreational areas in the city. One of the most fascinating ones is the Amager Beach Park, located about 3 miles from the city centre.

Amager Beach Park is a man-made island where you will find sandy dunes, a strolling promenade and lots of places where you can play various ball sports or just enjoy looking at people. In the summer it is a much-loved destination for the people in the city, so be prepared for more of a social excursion than a nature experience. The Beach Park does not only attract sun-lovers, but it offers lots of possibilities for various sports. Weather permitting, and that is almost always as the Danes stem from the Vikings, you will find people running, biking, roller skating and even kitesurfing.

The Beach Park provides a fantastic view of the windmill park and the bridge to Sweden, the Øresundsbroen.