Do you have an anniversary coming up? Or a birthday? Or maybe you just want to celebrate in general, gathering friends and family once again. Now is the perfect time to actually realize those dreams, since there is normally some planning required to tie everything together, as well as due notice for people to be able to attend.

If you are looking to throw a big party, you may want to make it extra special by having it abroad. if so, Denmark is a great choice. Copenhagen is easily accessible, and there are great Copenhagen venues to book. Naturally, there are also plenty of accommodation options, as well as lots of things to do and see once you are on location.

Compile a Program

To make the trip part of the celebration, you could compile a complete program for your guests. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be the our guide for everything just because of this. Just do some research in advance, and propose a list of excursions that could be enjoyable.

If possible, try to accommodate any special interests of your guests when making the plan, but you should also remember that they are there mainly to be with you. Most of the time, ay outings will do, as long as you make them together.

The Party

Depending on the venue you choose, there may be more or less for you to do on your own. Some arenas will take care of everything from setting the tables to preparing and serving the food, as well as booking the entertainment.

For other places, you may have to book food, china and service separately. It may be an effort, but Danes are generally helpful and speak English well so you will have no trouble doing it over the phone or via email.

Book Accommodation

Choose a hotel that will accommodate all of your guests. You want to be in the same place as everybody else for the whole trip, to really make it a common thing. Having breakfast together after a night of party is nice and will provide a perfect opportunity for planning and recapitulation of the night before.

Either you reserve a number of rooms and let each guest make their own reservation with the hotel, or you collect all reservations and make a single one for everybody.